2nd September 2016

Workplace health and fitness

Workplace health and fitness

Here at Achieving Fitness LTD we are passionate about getting people moving, feeling better and seeing the vast range of benefits that exercise gives.

I am sure most people can already see the benefits of exercise and general well-being, but if unsure:

People who exercise and adopt a healthy eating regime will usually:

  • See a reduction in body fat,
  • Reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease,workplace health and fitness
  • Feel better and be more positive,
  • Have reduced stress and anxiety,
  • Reduced issues with skeletal system,
  • And so much more…

We picked out the ones above because the according to the CIPD’s annual Absence Management survey:

On average, annually, companies lose 170 million days to employee absence.

This statistic apparently costs employers an average £700 per employee each year.

A lot of the reasons relate to the list above. Due to overweight and obesity levels people are sick more and at an increased risk to a range of illnesses and diseases.

Sedentary lifestyles in the UK is the biggest concern we have here at Achieving Fitness. Too many people sit in work for 8 hours a day, to return home to sit some more in front of the TV!

We have introduced and successfully launched a workplace health and fitness program in a government department in Cardiff.

This has in just four weeks seen a massive boost to moral levels, increased fitness and general well-being and reduced anxiety for participants.

We are still trialling the process but it is clearly benefiting the workforce.

Come back to find out more on this trial.

What is Workplace health and fitness?

  • There are a variety of types of workplace health and fitness that we can suggest and offer:
  • One to one coaching and body composition tests to evaluate the general health of clients, while offering plans to follow.
  • Online coaching plans
  • In person group exercise classes and fitness programs
  • Diet and healthy eating talks and seminars

Don’t let your workforce suffer in silence, when you could be doing something that can boost performance and moral, while reducing sickness related absences.

If you feel that you would like to trial a workplace health and fitness program in your organisation with an aim of reducing sickness levels then please get in touch for competitive rates, and the peace of mind of a company that is big enough to deliver each week.

Get in touch for more information.


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