28th July 2015

Wedding bootcamp

Offering Wedding bootcamps


I can work with you, your partner or a small group of 1-4 people to help you prepare for your big day with our special wedding bootcamp.

The wedding bootcamp plan has a number of “flavours” but ultimately comes as a package which involves:

  • Training at the gym every week (or at your home or outdoors if you prefer)
  • Home workout programs
  • Healthy Eating plans
  • Realistic targets for weight loss/muscle gain or whatever your goal is for the day
  • My help via text, email, phone all the way through your plan
  • and of course my motivational progress checks along the way.

Each package is tailored to your individual needs and depends on how long we have to work with, how many people, what everyones goals are, and is dependant on how much time you want to work with me in the gym.

If you want to know more just get in touch and we can discuss further. For a guide of prices visit my personal training in Cardiff pages.


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