Tough Mudder South West

This Saturday and Sunday I was at Tough Mudder South West in Cirencester for the 2016 Tough Mudder.

The rain was forecast all weekend so I came prepared for a horribly wet race!IMG_3053

Somehow the rain held off Saturday and we had a dry day! Below is my very brief course summary!

The last time I did a Tough Mudder South West I was near Brecon in Wales and all that I could remember from that day was cold and hills. Cold Hills. Cold everything. Hills everywhere…

Cirencester gave me a great surprise with their little hills and surprisingly warm sunshine!

The course started downhill and the first few miles took us up small inclines and the only thing slowing us down was bottlenecks of runners all stuck behind each other!

Cirencester left me thinking the word Queues. Rather than cold hills.

Despite the queues I really enjoyed the course, and had my first go at a few obstacles including the Legionnaire Dead ringer which was a lot of fun. My Everest training paid off and I almost jumped over it!IMG_3067

Showing off on the monkey bars however did land me in the water so I won’t say I did perfectly!

Tough Mudder always surprises me with the team work and random new friends you make along the way, this time was no different and I had several conversaions with a red power ranger, a turtle, and a man wearing a dress. Fancy dress was on point this weekend!

Toughest obstacle: The one I found toughest was actually the mud mile! My poor choice of fancy dress and trainers lead to me struggling over the mounds of mud and slipping everywhere!

Easiest Obstacle: Everest! 😉

I stayed after and filmed some of the Electroshock therapy you can watch these videos below!


I hope you enjoyed your day, let me know how it went!

Don’t forget if you are thinking of signing up I have a free Couch to Tough Mudder guide which has helped HUNDREDS of people, just sign up here!

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