Surviving the Arctic Enema !

Arctic Enema!

Since starting to write articles on how to train for certain Tough Mudder obstacles, such as the guide to surviving the monkey bars, and the guide on the mighty Tough Mudder Everest or the King of the swingers I have had several emails asking for help to mentally and physically prepare for one of the most feared obstacles the icy cold Arctic Enema!


This is one of my most disliked obstacles and this has evolved over time. My first Tough Mudder arctic enema experience was simply jumping into a kind of skip that was full of ice water, ducking under a post and climbing out. Whereas now you have to slide in down a cage, get out and back in the ice!

Ok so how does a Tough Mudder combat the icy challenge that is the Arctic Enema?

It is a lot to do with battling the demons within! Nobody wants to get electrocuted or frozen so some of the Tough Mudder challenges take that fear and make you beat it!

The Tough Mudder Arctic Enema is one such obstacle that makes you battle the fear of having a cold shower, but takes it to the extreme!

Best way to prepare for this is mental toughness! Run a freezing cold shower, and stand in it for a while! Get out. Repeat! You must ensure you can overcome that initial fear!

I wouldn’t say there is much else to it than that, if you are physically ready for a Tough Mudder you don’t need to do any more training for this obstacle.

Here is the Tough Mudder video showing the obstacle!

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