7th January 2016

Sports Massage Cardiff

Sports Massage Cardiff

If you are looking for a Sports Massage Therapist in Cardiff take a look at our deals below.

Cardiff Sports Massage

Sports Massage Cardiff

If you are an elite athlete or a beginner sports massage can be very beneficial to you and should be included in your exercises program.

Benefits of sports massage:

Cardiovascular Increases the oxygen and nutrient levels in the tissue which eliminates waste more effectively by increasing the blood flow to muscles.
Digestive Can reduce constipation, colic and gas through stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and by increasing peristalsis.
Lymphatic By promoting fluid movement in the tissues and increasing elimination of toxins, it is believed that sports massage increases the white blood cell count and in turn boosts the immune system.
Muscular Releases soft tissue tension, by breaking down adhesions on the muscle and fascia, and realigning scar tissue which can reduces stiffness caused by DOMS. This restores ROM and flexibility.
Nervous Sports massage can help reduce pain in the muscles by increasing endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers.
Skeletal Increased mobility and flexibility from reduction of the stress on joints caused by adhesions on the tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and muscles.

 We can provide the massage at your own home or at our location in Cardiff. Our therapy is totally mobile providing you have the space. (Additional cost for mobile therapy, get a quote first)

Prices start from £22.50 for half an hour, contact us to get more information.

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