13th February 2015


Here are Achieving Fitness we do a lot more than Diet and Nutrition plans. Take a look below! 

The services we offer are:


Group training

Prices vary depending on circumstances – We can get you or your group ready for an event or holiday! imageSpeak to use about our group packages training at a small gym in Cardiff. We can also take you outdoors to and regularly train at local parks and fields. Are you going skiing? Or planning a tough mudder? Get in touch and we can set up and conduct specific circuit based training programs to get you ready! Take a look at our boot camp training page for ideas on how we train you.


Sports Specific Conditioning

– We offer a range of packages from individual training for a sport, to training teams at their venues. Our variety of packages can range from one off training days, weekend camps, or tailored individual programs to help you excel in your chosen sport.

Helping break down each component of your game, showing you which muscles you use and how you use them we then develop a training plan that will help you improve in each area of your game.

 Click here for more information.


Personal training one on one

We offer personal training in the Cardiff area. We can train you at our gym or in a variety of locations – Click for more details.


Wedding packages

You can combine all of the above into a group program to get you or your group ready for those wedding photographs! Get in touch for our bespoke packages.

Online training

We can set you up wiclean3th access to our hidden online pages for support and advice, and this package involves creating a specific training plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Online nutrition

This program will analyse your current diet and offer advice and set you up on a healthy eating diet to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Online full package

This is a combination of your nutrition and training plans. We will over 8 weeks help you to transform your body and achieve your fitness goals.

Nutrition reports

(Diet analysis – £10 Set up and £2.50 for each day analysed) – We can report your exact nutritional intake to ensure that you are eating the right things. Click here for more info.

Free services 

Because we are a firm believer in helping others achieve their fitness goals we have created a number of totally free resources aimed at helping you start a fitness journey. Click our free services link to get access to these!

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