Running blog week 3

Running blog week 3!


This week Rhiannon learnt a couple of lessons! First of all, don’t try and do one of your longest runs then attend a bootcamp with Paul. Second of all goals can be amended to suit what is happening in front of you. If you feel that the goal you set is unrealistic, change it, make it better. Each week you should review your progress and change as required. So instead of a 10k she will complete a 5k and do it for time. Read it in her words below:


Before I discuss what’s happened during this week’s training, I want to explain that the purpose of this blog is not to show everyone how fit I am (because I’m not) or to brag that I’m amazing because I’ve trained every day several times a day (because I haven’t).

It is meant to show how an ordinary person who doesn’t even like running can achieve a challenging goal, and to motivate other people in my shoes to take on a challenging goal.

This week I increased my running distance from 2 miles to 3 miles. And even though my distance increased, the average time I took to run a mile decreased! I felt so happy and proud of myself, especially considering I couldn’t even run a mile a few months ago.  But I also felt something else…a niggling pain in my left knee, an injury I have suffered before when I did too much too soon.

That is when I realised that although I probably could complete a 10k run in three weeks time, I would probably come away with an injury. As well as that, I am very easily disheartened, and if I did a bad job of the run and struggled, it would completely de-motivate me.

So, the decision I made was to change my race entry to the 5k race instead. And I feel much more excited that I will be able to run it well, in a good time and that it will be a good start to the next several months of training.

As an aside, after my 3 mile run I went to boot camp (against expert advice!) and had to finish the session half way through because I felt so weak. One day I will practice what I preach and learn not to do too much too soon…

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