Running blog week 2

Running blog week 2


If you missed the last running blog click here to read how Rhiannon is doing on her training for the half marathon.

Also, if this blog is inspiring you to sign up to a race why not take a look at our Light Up Events page where we hold regular 5km and 10km runs in Wales!

Week 2

Today I went for my first outdoor run in two and a half months.

I’ve speRunningBlognt the weekend around people who get up at 6am to train, who like going to double spin class, who go running even when it rains and who spend hours at a time in the gym. I wonder if this is why, when I had some time to myself this afternoon, I decided to get up and go for a run…just like that.

My goal was two miles. The first mile was so comfortable I felt I could keep plodding on forever and I started to consider running 3 or 4 miles (sound familiar?). I even started planning the longer route in my head. But I do learn from my mistakes, and I stopped myself setting an unrealistic goal. I’m glad too, because the second mile was nowhere near as easy as the first.

I did have one good idea on my run though. The Marl playing fields are 2 miles from my home. So this week, instead of driving to bootcamp and personal training sessions, I am going to run there. If I can incorporate the runs into my normal routine, I think I am much more likely to do them. I just need to figure out how I will get back…

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