oh shoot I am doing the London Marathon

oh shoot I am doing the London Marathon

You know when you have some chips and you offer someone a chip… deep down you don’t want them to say yes… but they do, and they take one…

Or you know when you have a chewing gum. and like offer it and everyone takes one….

Or queuing in traffic and you let someone in, and then they let people in..its blog time

Imagine this.. .Registering for the London Marathon Team with the Outward Bound trust, in the deep hope they don’t accept but at least deep down you know you tried… But they say yes! They give you a place! Suddenly you have to realise you have to start training!

Well that happened.

So I am here, writing a fundraising page because well, I stupidly signed up and they agreed. I get a once in a lifetime opportunity to run in the London Marathon. I get to run through the streets of London with millions of people watching.

I also get the fun of training, dedicating my life to it for a year.. Oh yeah this sounds great!

OK… jokes aside, I am seriously honoured and pleased to be raising funds for the Outward Bound Trust. I can’t wait to hit London on the 22nd April and complete the most famous Marathon around.

For those who don’t know me I am Paul Jenkins. I am a personal trainer, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I can run a marathon easily.

Just 5 years ago I took to a rugby field aged 25 after not really exercising for 4/5 years! In the warm up I was asked to run to the post and back. Something in my youth I could repeat for hours… at aged 25, weighing 20+ stone, well let me tell you. It hit me then how unfit I was.

So fast forward to now, and I am a personal trainer, running a fitness business that not only does PT, sports massage, courses, but also does running events.

But the journey hasn’t been easy and I am definately no natural runner, give me weights anyday.

Anyway, here I am, ready to train, ready to write my training plan and prepare for the toughest thing I will ever do.

Donate here. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulJenkins88


Wan’t to know more about the Outward Bounds trust? download

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that uses the outdoors to help develop young people from all walks of life. Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to run adventurous and challenging outdoor learning programmes that equip young people with valuable skills for education, work and life. We help them become more confident, more effective and more capable at school, college and in the workplace.

We also deliver apprentice and graduate development programmes with companies like Volkswagen and BAE, as well as leadership and team development courses.




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