31st December 2015


Achieving Fitness LTD is a small company but we are expanding into online fitness and nutrition, as well as having instructors available to run team training such as Netball, Rugby and other sports.

Some of the team are listed here below:


11745899_10153461664602667_840389621811472973_nPaul Jenkins.

Paul is the founder and Director of Achieving Fitness LTD. You can read about Pauls’ journey to fitness here.

Paul is a Personal Trainer based in Cardiff. Paul specialises in sports specific perfomance, as well as fat loss.

Paul is a nutriton advisor qualfiied to level 4 nutrition, with added qualifications in sports nutrition, diabetes, allergies, and weight loss nutrition.

Paul runs the personal training sessions, as well as the online coaching.


Sarah “Margaret” Leighton – IMG_5036

Sarah is a qualified nutrition advisor at level 3 and 4, and is also studying for a degree in Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition. She is a nutrition blogger for the Huffington Post and is the founder of Clean Food Queen; a nutrition based website with recipes and health related articles.

She is also a qualified to conduct fitness classes and works with Forces Fitness to run outdoor classes.


jakeJake is a Level 2 qualified Gym Instructor, and will continue to finish his Level 3 to become a qualified Personal Trainer after his studies.

He is currently a third year student, he is studying Sport Science and Rugby at University of South Wales. Which has qualified him as a Level 1 and Level 2 Rugby Coach.

Prior to his degree he is hoping to follow it up with a Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning.

Jake has 10 years of experience in the gym at only 21 years old. He has knowledge in a variety of training styles (Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Kettlebell training, Bodybuilding, Strength, Power, Mobility and Speed), which has been the main reason for his passion and interest in Strength and Conditioning. With his goal of getting athlete’s ready for their sport.


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