24th February 2015

Free Services

We are proud to offer some completely free services to you, in order to help you train at home or prepare for an event.

We believe that everyone should be able to access fitness and nutrition services as easily as possible.

Below are some links to our free training guides such as the free Tough Mudder training plan, or our 14 day diet and nutrition guide.

We will add more to the list as soon as we can!

Tough Mudder Training Guide

14 Day Clean Eating Guide

Reduced price supplements.

I have also managed to team up with SCI-MX to get you 30% off your orders. You can use this everytime you order, so enjoy yourselves!

All you need to do is visit their website and use my code of PJENKINS3044



Muscle Food

We also struck a deal with muscle food for some discount.

This is a company I have used many times. They deliver fresh meats and other items to your door. The good thing about them is that the chicken isn’t watered down and filled full of salt and rubbish like you may find at some supermarkets etc.Muscle-food

We have managed to get you some free food.

Enter the code PJ215804 and you can choose a free gift.

Click here for details.





For info – Whilst we have negotiated a discount with these companies we do not endorse their products that you will buy as we simply cannot go through each item and give you a valid assessment. Furthermore if you visit their pages then you enter sales contacts with them and we hold no part in this transaction.

Free BMI Calculator –

The NHS have come up with a good tool that you can use. See below.

content provided by NHS Choices

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