Man I failed on my diet and training… I AM A FAILURE!


Today’s blog is all about failure. Do you ever find yourself lacking motivation to train and eat healthy? So you call yourself a failure?! Read on if so as I will show you a five step plan to getting back on it!

I was talking today to a colleague in my other job about how useful it is to share your feelings and thoughts.

We were talking in particular about motivation to train, life getting in the way and routines.

Do you ever find that life gets in the way of training? Do you feel miserable when you can’t train, so you throw your toys out the pram and eat cr*p!?


I know I do.

(P.s. I have no idea who that dude is in the picture. But I know how he feels!)


“But Jenx, you are a personal trainer. Surely you don’t miss training!?” I hear you ask!

Listen, life get’s in the way sometimes of everything. I work a full time job, run this business, which in effect is three, and have to have a life outside of that. Plus train!

So yeah, sometimes my body and mind can’t stick to the training plan. I mean yeah it is rare I will go more than 2 days without training, but I often can’t stick to my ideal training plan.




Just four weeks back I ran a half marathon as part of my plan, and the rest of the phase was easy, just keep things ticking over, slightly increase distance and then just before the half tone it down.

Guess what. Life got in the way. I have been working so many hours in the day that my plan went right out of the window.

What has happened since I dropped training down? Diet FAILURE.


Uh ow. I ate some pizza.


Let’s get real for a minute. I have four weeks to a half marathon, my diet is out of the window and quite frankly my running is suffering. Despite hitting a PR at a park run a few weeks ago I am not where I should be. I keep blaming work and life for making all these bad decisions. But you know what, it is not works fault. It is not lifes fault. Whatever excuse you use I can guarantee you are just making an excuse:

Family problems, money problems, injuries (to a point), tiredness, and any other excuse you may throw out there. If you truly ask yourself you know you could still train and eat well.


Are you a failure?? NO. You are simply human and it really doesn’t matter.


Today I am going to show you a five step plan on how to turn it around and get back on track. Just like I am doing.

  • First, admit you F*cked up.
  • Second admit you could have done better.
  • Third, make a plan.
  • Fourth tell people that plan.

You are cured…

Need more than that? Fine.


Step one. Admit you F*cked up.

Yeah you gave yourself excuses and let things go. Yeah you pretended there was no other way. But you know what. You f*cked up. You ruined your plan and possibly set yourself backwards a few weeks/months/years (depending on how long this has been going on for).

But it’s fine. Just admit it. Say it with me


Cool. Next Step.

Step two – Admit you could have done better.

Look back over the last few weeks and just note all the failed opportunities. Those days you planned to train or eat well. Those bad decisions you made. Notice how there is always a way you could have made a better decision but you quite simply didn’t. I call utter bullsh*t on anyone who says they couldn’t.

Right you are on to the next step.


Step three. Make a plan.

Write down 3 things. Things that stop you train, stop you eat well and stop you from achieving your goal. Once you have done that I need you to write down three ways on how you could have improved.

This is literally the most important step.


Here’s an example of mine.

Didn’t train this morning as I slept late.

Didn’t eat well as I forgot food due to sleeping late and ordered a sandwich.

Didn’t meet my goal of calories vs energy expenditure.

How could I fix? Easy for this one, get out of bed you lazy sh*t! Try listening to audible book the 5 second rule.

How else.. Trained at night. How else? Trained lunch.

Ordered better food, WALKED to a cafe that sells salad. Etc etc.

Doing the above would have hit my goal.

DO this step EVERY DAY! It will slowly change your habits. Trust me.

Step 4. Tell people what you plan to do.

It could be your dog, mum, goat, car or just facebook the hell out of it. But tell people your new plan. Look at me writing an entire blog on it.

Why? To hold yourself accountable. This way when you see me eating a sandwich in a week you’ll be like. “Wait Jenx, you are supposed to get up early and make food for work, do you really need that??!”

I’ll be shamed. Probably cry. Then wise up.

Five. Do it.

I don’t need to say much on this one.

Don’t be a failure now… 😉

Why don’t you try this and let me know how it goes?!

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