13th February 2015

Diet Analysis

Ever wondered if the diet that you are actually on is hitting all of your needs?

We can conduct diet analysis where all your details are assessed, diet plan input including food types, cooking style and measurement to produce a comprehensive report.

You can see an example report here.

This product is priced at an initial client set up fee of £10 and £2.50 per day of analysis.  (I.e. if you want us to analyse you over three days that would be £10 + (£2.50 x3) = £17.50).

We can set you up using the industry standard formulas for energy intake and expenditure such as the schofield (1985) equations etc. If this makes no sense to you we will guide you through the process!

Click the link below for an example report.nutriticspic

Nutrition for Test SubjectA

You will even get a secure profile set up on this website so that you can analyse your information from anywhere!

Simply use the paypal sign up form and we will send you all details to set this program up after an initial consultation.


Initial Set up plus () Days


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