Four Exercises That Could be Damaging Your Shoulders

Exercises are introduced an ‘made up’ every single day. But the really unfortunate thing is that it definitely does not make them better in any way. Some exercises that are used in the gym could be damaging rather than helping your body. And cutting these exercises out of your life could save you time wasted Read more about Four Exercises That Could be Damaging Your Shoulders[…]

Running blog week 3

Running blog week 3!   This week Rhiannon learnt a couple of lessons! First of all, don’t try and do one of your longest runs then attend a bootcamp with Paul. Second of all goals can be amended to suit what is happening in front of you. If you feel that the goal you set Read more about Running blog week 3[…]

Client Stories: A running blog

Running blog In this series of blogs we will enter the mind of Rhiannon who is entering the Cardiff Half Marathon, and wants to improve her running. Rhiannon trains weekly with Thea and is also doing her own running plan. Read below her week one story, and feel free to get in touch if you Read more about Client Stories: A running blog[…]

Become an affiliate and earn £

Would you like to become an affiliate of Achieving Fitness and earn some £? We have started our race company “Light up Events” following the massive success of Run in the Dark. We have a race on March 8th 2017 and will be holding several more in the coming months and years! We are a Read more about Become an affiliate and earn £[…]

If this 105 year old can do it

If this 105 year old can do it Meet Robert Marchand, born 1911. This man is something to be marvelled. Why should I marvel at this old man I hear you ask me in anticipation!? Well this dude, this pretty awesome dude just nailed a world record attempt in a velodrome in France. I need to repeat Read more about If this 105 year old can do it[…]

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