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Four Exercises That Could be Damaging Your Shoulders

Exercises are introduced an ‘made up’ every single day. But the really unfortunate thing is that it definitely does not make them better in any way.

Some exercises that are used in the gym could be damaging rather than helping your body. And cutting these exercises out of your life could save you time wasted and prevent many trips to the doctors and physiotherapist.

  1. The Kipping Pull-up

Even if you think this exercise looks really cool, in terms of benefits and shoulder health, this exercise is completely useless! Unless you’re in a CrossFit competition… Ffs CrossFit!!

Adding on to this, it WILL NOT strengthen your pull-up. It is no more of a strength exercise than a burpee or a bodyweight squat.

  1. Ring Dips

Ring dips are best left for gymnasts who are lighter and are not training for strength. Ring dips if not trained extensively in the movement (gymnasts) can be a very dangerous exercise for your shoulders… and definitely please don’t do them weighted!! It’s like trying to do deadlifts on a bosu ball or squats on a stability ball!


  1. Bench Dips

This exercise is the evil little brother of regular dips. This exercise requires a great amount of flexibility to perform safely and to be honest most people that do them really do not posess the flexibility required. The exercise itself stretches the shoulder capsule to the extreme and puts it into a very dangerous position. In theory we are asking the shoulder to stay strong, even though it is at a very vulnerable position, sorry guys but it just won’t happen.

  1. Upright Rows

Is a rotator cuff injury something you’ve desired? If not, please rethink using this exercise. The nature of this exercise places the shoulder into internal rotation and can jam up the greater tuberosity of the humerus into the coraco-acromial arch.


Well basically, your shoulder is a ball and socket joint. And the job of the rotator cuff is to stabilize and pull the ‘ball’ into the ’socket’. If your rotator cuff is weak then this allows the joint to move freely, which will allow it to crash and connect with some important structures.

Away from the physiology, in simple terms, the upright row increases the likelihood of this happening.

But, if you really NEED to do this exercise. A safer way is to use cables with a rope attachment. This is much safer and decreases the likelihood of injury slightly.

New is Not Always Better!

Wales Running Events

Wales Running Events

What’s on in Wales this year for Runners and fitness enthusiasts alike?

Take a look at our top picked events, with variety for all, from running at night, being a super hero or throwing some coloured powder around there is plenty to do!


Light up Llanelli

17th May, visit Llanelli on a Wednesday and take part in a run at night, with glowsticks and lights this is a fun event! Here’s the ticket site!

Heroes and Villains Barry Island

Or you may fancy dressing up as a Super Hero, or Villain, running along a beach and trail, while getting attacked by some naughty villains along the way, think colour powder, think water pistols, water balloons and more! 9th July, click here for tickets!

September 9th Colour Splash!

This fun event will take you across a 5k route, getting splashed in coloured powder along the way! Fun event for all the family! Here’s the ticket link!

Fancy more light up events? Our light up events are scheduled to run in October at all locations, stay tuned for more information!

View the information for each event below!

Light up Events are PROUD to launch the Light up Llanelli event! As our home town we CAN’T wait to see hundreds of runners getting together for a great run!

Our Light up events are often in the Dark, but in Llanelli the view is just too good to miss, so we will run as the sun sets across the Coastal path.

Join us for a great run, and receive a finisher medal and a set of armbands to run at night safely!

This is a limited event with a restriction on places!

Eventbrite - Light up Llanelli

A 5k run in Barry, with fancy dress!

Are you going to take part in the FIRST 5k Heroes and Villains run in Barry?

We all know the good guys! Superman… Spiderman…. Firemen…. Captain America…Thor… Wonder Woman…

We know the bad ones too… Joker….Loki… Cat woman… Mystique….

Which side will you be on?!

On Sunday the 9th of July, we will be saving the day in Cardiff!

Cardiff on a sunny Saturday morning, hundreds of runners dressed up as their favourite superheros having the time of their lives running our 5k route, and saving the day running for charities.

Re-live your childhood and become a superhero or villain for the day! What more could you want?

Who will you be for the day? Super-man? Spider-man? Batman? or Mr Incredible?

All runners will recieve a medal and water at the finish line.

Children and families welcome!


Where is the event held?

Barry Island Beach!

Is the event timed?

This is not a race, we do not time anyone we expect people to enjoy the day and finish in their own time. You are welcome to try and time using your GPS systems and mobile apps.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Any children (that’s under 18’s) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No ID is required.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Cardiff has excellent transport links, by road, rail, bus or even plane! We do not provide event parking, but will send a list of options close to the event date.

What can I bring into the event?

You should bring along a suitable costume, if you can, we want to see super heroes, villians or any type of fancy dress, this is not a race, it is a fun run!

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email us at any time or call 02920 100 066.

What’s the refund policy?

Refund policy is on our website. No refunds are typically accepted due to the costs we incurr from the moment you purchase a ticket, but we always try to move you to our next event, or you can swap tickets with your friends.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We recommend bringing a copy, or your mobile copy to register to avoid any issues.

Can I update my registration information?

Send us an email at any time to update.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes, providing it is done 14 days before the event date.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

As long as we have been notified of the change 14 days in advance.

Eventbrite - Cardiff Heroes and Villains Run


Light up events are hosting the Colour Splash in Stradey Castle Estate, and invite you to Run, Walk, Jog, or crawl along the 5k route, enjoying the party spirit along the course!

What is a colour splash 5k?

The colour splash will take you on a 5k adventure with live DJ’s, a party atmosphere, whilst taking you through 5 colour stations splashing you in powder!

Expect a mixture of a trail run, obstacle course and colour powder runs to bring you this truly unique course.

Can’t run 5k? Not a problem this event is about having fun, and if that means walking around having a paint fight then that’s great! If that means running it twice, go for it!

What is at the finish?

Everyone gets their medal and enters the festival area with our live DJ who will start the party before an epic paint throw to finish the day!


Approx. an hour from Cardiff.

Stradey Castle is the perfect venue for this event! You will be taken back by the beauty of the estate, and surprised by how easy it is to get to! Once in the estate the woods and trails will let you lose yourself in the fun!
Eventbrite - 5k Colour Splash!

March fitness deal

March Fitness Deal


With Achieving Fitness LTD MARCH IS ON! We are offering a fantastic deal on our bootcamps, and as the weather starts to break in the Month of March we are sure that you will have a great time in the outdoors!£10

Our classes do include one indoor class on a Saturday however, so if you are not a lover of the outside, you still have a place!

Our March fitness deal is that you pay just £10 for an entire month of fitness! That is over 50% off!

Sign up today and get ready for a month of fitness!

When are the classes held?

Our bootcamp classes information can be found here!

However all you need to know for now is that classes are Mon, Tue, and Thur at 18:00 at the Marl Playing fields, and on Saturday morning 09:30 inside Channel View Leisure centre, in the Strength and conditioning rooms.

How to sign up?

Signing up is really easy, just click the following link, and once set up we will email you with your member ID for the month.

We look forward to seeing you at the classes!

Running blog week 3

Running blog week 3!


This week Rhiannon learnt a couple of lessons! First of all, don’t try and do one of your longest runs then attend a bootcamp with Paul. Second of all goals can be amended to suit what is happening in front of you. If you feel that the goal you set is unrealistic, change it, make it better. Each week you should review your progress and change as required. So instead of a 10k she will complete a 5k and do it for time. Read it in her words below:


Before I discuss what’s happened during this week’s training, I want to explain that the purpose of this blog is not to show everyone how fit I am (because I’m not) or to brag that I’m amazing because I’ve trained every day several times a day (because I haven’t).

It is meant to show how an ordinary person who doesn’t even like running can achieve a challenging goal, and to motivate other people in my shoes to take on a challenging goal.

This week I increased my running distance from 2 miles to 3 miles. And even though my distance increased, the average time I took to run a mile decreased! I felt so happy and proud of myself, especially considering I couldn’t even run a mile a few months ago.  But I also felt something else…a niggling pain in my left knee, an injury I have suffered before when I did too much too soon.

That is when I realised that although I probably could complete a 10k run in three weeks time, I would probably come away with an injury. As well as that, I am very easily disheartened, and if I did a bad job of the run and struggled, it would completely de-motivate me.

So, the decision I made was to change my race entry to the 5k race instead. And I feel much more excited that I will be able to run it well, in a good time and that it will be a good start to the next several months of training.

As an aside, after my 3 mile run I went to boot camp (against expert advice!) and had to finish the session half way through because I felt so weak. One day I will practice what I preach and learn not to do too much too soon…

Running blog week 2

Running blog week 2


If you missed the last running blog click here to read how Rhiannon is doing on her training for the half marathon.

Also, if this blog is inspiring you to sign up to a race why not take a look at our Light Up Events page where we hold regular 5km and 10km runs in Wales!

Week 2

Today I went for my first outdoor run in two and a half months.

I’ve speRunningBlognt the weekend around people who get up at 6am to train, who like going to double spin class, who go running even when it rains and who spend hours at a time in the gym. I wonder if this is why, when I had some time to myself this afternoon, I decided to get up and go for a run…just like that.

My goal was two miles. The first mile was so comfortable I felt I could keep plodding on forever and I started to consider running 3 or 4 miles (sound familiar?). I even started planning the longer route in my head. But I do learn from my mistakes, and I stopped myself setting an unrealistic goal. I’m glad too, because the second mile was nowhere near as easy as the first.

I did have one good idea on my run though. The Marl playing fields are 2 miles from my home. So this week, instead of driving to bootcamp and personal training sessions, I am going to run there. If I can incorporate the runs into my normal routine, I think I am much more likely to do them. I just need to figure out how I will get back…

Light up Mumbles!

Light up Mumbles!

We have just launched our second run of the year! The run will take place in Mumbles, running a 5 or 10k route.

Mumbles 10k


Take a look at the event details below!


Picture this:

Mumbles at sunset, hundreds of runners don their flashing lights and take to the cycle path, running a 5k or 10k taking in the fantastic views of mumbles at night, while raising funds for charities!

This is a limited event with a restriction on places!

Runners will receive a medal and water at the finish!



Client Stories: A running blog

Running blog

In this series of blogs we will enter the mind of Rhiannon who is entering the Cardiff Half Marathon, and wants to improve her running.

Rhiannon trains weekly with Thea and is also doing her own running plan.

Read below her week one story, and feel free to get in touch if you want to know anything.


Last Saturday I realised it was six weeks until I run a 10km race.

Let me put this into perspective. I am not a natural runner. I am not naturally fit. I am the person who used to hide at the back of gym class and come last in the 800m sports day race. I have to work very hard to stay fit. I am very good at letting life get in the way of training. I even have a glass of wine next to me as I write this. I am human.RunningBlog

I had good intentions for this race. Last November I did a 2 mile run to start my training. I was shocked at how hard it was. I was even more shocked at how long it took me.

A week later, after a few training sessions with Thea, I went for another 2 mile run. It started off so much easier than the week before. I was jogging along nicely, enjoying the sunny weather, when I decided I could do a 6 mile run. I could see Paul and Thea’s faces in my imagination when I would tell them…they would be so impressed.

Obviously I couldn’t. I reached the barrage at the bay and had to wait to cross because it was letting a boat through. From that point I was alternating between walking and jogging, mainly walking. I blame the barrage for interrupting my flow.

I got to a point where carrying on or turning around where the same distance. I had no choice but to keep going. In total I jogged about 1 mile and walked about 4. I haven’t been for a run since.

The problem with me is that I expect too much too soon. I need to learn to break my bigger goals down into small, achievable goals, to accept that bigger goals take time to achieve. But that as long as I persevere and stop making excuses I will achieve them.

Thea is on the case now. We did a 3km run in the gym this week. She let me think we were only going to run 1km after my constant moaning, but then kept suggesting another 500m, until the next thing I knew I had run 3km.

I’m sitting down with Thea on Monday to set my goals for this week. I now only have five weeks until the 10km race, and I suppose that goes against the point of this blog, but I trust Thea and I know I will make it. Rhiannon.

Special Offer on Group PT

Special offer on group PT


Did you know that you could literally be saving hundreds of pounds by training as part of a Group PT Session instead of One on one?

A group PT session, is a personal training session run by one or more instructors, but delivered instead of one on one, to a group of people who have similar goals.

We have just opened up 5 spaces on our group PT program that will take place on Wednesday and Saturdays.

Participants also get free access to our bootcamp that runs 4 times a week!

So that is up to 6 sessions a week on offer, for the price of LESS than ONE session a week!

We have a special offer right now at £100.

Spaces are limited and if you want in, get in touch with us today or sign up on the following link.

You must:

Be willing to participate as a group

You must be looking to LOSE fat, and get strong.

You must be willing to stick to a healthy eating plan.

You must commit to the program and want to see real results.

It doesn’t matter where you start, we will get you up to speed in no time and have your group working together for great results, in no time.


Become an affiliate and earn £

Would you like to become an affiliate of Achieving Fitness and earn some £?

We have started our race company “Light up Events” following the massive success of Run in the Dark.

We have a race on March 8th 2017 and will be holding several more in the coming months and years!

We are a small company and to keep in competition with the big names in the industry we rely on runners spreading the word and our supporters doing the same.

This March event is looking to sell out but we are looking for help.

So you can earn some money, and use it however you want by simply sharing our event, and if anyone signs up through your link, you get money back.

It’s easy to join, just click here, sign up and start sharing our event on facebook/Twitter/Instagram or wherever you wish.

Good luck and thanks for your support.


If this 105 year old can do it

If this 105 year old can do it

Meet Robert Marchand, born 1911. This man is something to be marvelled.

Why should I marvelRobert Marchand at this old man I hear you ask me in anticipation!?

Well this dude, this pretty awesome dude just nailed a world record attempt in a velodrome in France.

I need to repeat his age. This 105 year old French man smashed a world record for his category and cycled a total of 14 miles in an hour.

Granted there aren’t many in his category, but let’s just pause for a minute.

He goes to the gym almost daily.

He cycles weekly with a team.


I’m interested in finding out how many of you think you will still be exercising after age 60 let alone 105!

The reason for this post is to quite simply tell you to get off your lazy butt and make sure you aspire to be as awesome as this man!

I mean, what is your excuse?!

Can’t fit a session in because you need to get to work by 8?

  • Get up an hour earlier.
  • Train in lunch time.
  • Train after work.

Next excuse please.

Can’t fit a session in because you have kids?

I’m afraid that don’t cut it.

  • Walk the kids to the park and train.
  • How about doing a home workout while they are busy on an ipad or whatever.

If this 105 year old can do it, YOU CAN!

I cant find my motivation?

105. year. old. man. breaks. world. record.



What’s changed at our bootcamps?

What’s changed at our bootcamps?


New time table!

We have just updated our class time table for the new year!

Monday. Tuesday. Thursday. Saturday.

Weekday sessions are 18:00 and weekends are 09:30.


Wait you said weekend?

But instead of just moving a few things around we decided to listen to feedback from our campers, and have mixed it up a little by adding a new session on a Saturday morning.

This falls of the success of our Saturday sessions that our students at The PT school took during their training.

We are pleased to introduce an Indoor session in a great facility, the Strength and conditioning room at Channel View Leisure Centre.

This means we have dropped a session in the week.

Feedback and the numbers at sessions showed that having four sessions in a row was not great for keeping our team training together.

So now you can have a gap in between sessions and never have more than day off!

Price Changes!

Our prices have gone up to £25 a month and with this you get unlimited sessions a month, as feedback was showing the pricing structure was confusing!

You can still pay for a one off session at £5.50.

Does this affect my current price?

Anyone who signed up before will not EVER have to pay more than they already do. So if you are on our £20 introduction package you keep paying that for life. (By life we mean: Your membership will be valid at the price of £20 until you either cancel or the sessions stop)

We’ve had a great start to these boot-camps, may it continue!