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What a year 2015

What a year it has been in 2015 !

I sat here working out the successes of the year 2015. I just thought to myself, What a year it has been! This year has been fantastic and I would like to thank you for being a part of it!

Happy New Year!

This year has seen personal training, sports training with rugby and netball teams, boxercise in Bute Park, The Run in the Dark, Numerous Pen Y Fan Hikes and a load of charity work.

Our online Tough Mudder training guide saw over 1000 downloads!

It has been busy and fun!

This year we managed to raise over £2600 for charities and causes such as Cancer Research, Furnace RFC, Mind Llanelli, Air Ambulance, Brecon Mountain Rescue, and Age Cymru !

I hope you had a fantastic year, and I can’t wait to help you in the year 2016!

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REMINDER! The Pen Y Fan Hike for charity takes place on September the 5th!fan

This is a reminder! We need more people just like YOU to sign up and walk with us to show support.

We are looking to raise funds for charities while having fun, climbing South Wales biggest mountain and improving our fitness all at the same time.

Why not come along and join us?

I have made it so simple for you to register, click this little button below!

Please support some awesome charities!

More details here!


Tough Mudder King of the Swingers

New obstacle for 2015 in Tough Mudder is the King of the Swingers!

Today we have a look at the latest obstacle for 2015 called Tough Mudder King of the Swingers. Here is a picture of how it looks!

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 14.16.41


So how it works, you are up on a platform and must first jump and reach a swinging bar, which you must grip and swing far enough out to leap into the air and hit a little bell with your hand. Regardless of how you perform you end up wet but you might as well beat the obstacle right?!

So all of the training you have done should already have equipped you for this one if you have been doing your monkey bar training I described in my article as well as increasing your leap as described in the Everest article you should already be in a good position to conquer this one!

Improve your leap?

If you feel you need to work on that leap you can also add frog hops to your training. The exercise as described here involves simply jumping! I would consider adding some weights, perhaps a weighted vest and see how much power you can generate! You could supplement your power training by first performing weighted squats in the strength range of 1-6 rep max, straight into your frog hops. Perform a similar rep range in your frog hops and have a good rest 2-3 minutes between each set. This should help on your leap!

The rest is simply holding on and reaching out!


View the Tough Mudder video here for this obstacle!


Tough Mudder Everest Guide

Today we talk about how to conquer the Tough Mudder obstacle Everest!

For those of you unsure what this is… imagine a quarter pipe that skate boarders use, a high one. Soaked in water…. Your job is to run up there!

First of all … picture this, you have run 12 miles, you are soaking, muddy, tired, almost crying inside, yet you look in front of you and there is this tall beastly obstacle, lots of people looking straight at you, expecting you to run and beat the obstacle.. Yep this is what happens.

You run, step by step it gets closer, your feet get quicker, you start sprinting and at some point you leap into the air hoping you will get over the obstacle! In reality you jumped too soon, fell on your face and rolled down… well this is at least what happened to me the first time I tried!

So how can you improve your chances of beating the Tough Mudder Everest?!

I will tell you here….  (more…)

Your guide to conquering the Monkey Bars!

Your guide to conquering the Monkey Bars!

One of the popular obstacles in many mud runs is the good old monkey bar. Some have inclines and declines in them, others just go straight6a00d8341c52fb53ef016768523545970b-640wi across, today we discuss how to train to hang like a chimp from the bar!
First of all lets just familiarise ourselves with the Monkey bars or even the hang tough obstacles.
The Tough Mudder version usually starts with an incline before you decline to finish. They also have Hang Tough, similar to the Gladiators TV series. Spartan throw in the extra long course usually.Tough-Mudder-AZ-2012-Sat-Gudko-1741436640-O
For complete beginners to novices alike I have a few hints and tips to help you incorporate into your training plan, to ensure that you can show off on the day in style!