5 Runs in South Wales this year!

5 Runs in South Wales this year!

Looking for a fun run in Wales this year? We may be biased but here are a few of ours that you could do!

From getting paint thrown in your face, running in dark to running for beer, we have something for everyone!

  1. Colour Splash! Grab your ticket here. Colour splash is a fun colour powder run in Llanelli. Act fast though as the run is Saturday 9th September and only 20 tickets remain! The run is over 5km but also has some obstacles.
  2. Light up runs! We have Light up Mumbles on the 29th September, Light up Cardiff 20th October and Light up Llanelli on the 10th November. Click on each to book tickets. These runs are usually 5k or 10k runs at night! Our runs are for enjoyment and we don’t currently use race timings etc. We want you to enjoy the run and not worry about PB’s.
  3. None of the above take your fancy? Thinking you’d rather have a beer instead? Then… BEER RUN! That’s right we are hosting a BEER RUN! In Cardiff. It is held on October 7th. Need I say more? If so then here is the more part…. The run is 5km-10km in length with optional extras and challenges. Don’t expect a run like any you have done before. Expect Selfie challenges, random tasks and of course the beer stop! Check out here. 


If you want to find more runs then visit our website and hit subscribe! LightupEvents.org

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