Days 29 – 35

Days 29 – 35

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Days 29 – 35 – Well we have passed the half way mark, and nearly half of the boxers that started seem to have dropped out, some new ones have arrived, but the others may come back.

Sparring sessions have started to intensify and get harder, more challenging and sometimes less fun (after a few punches to the head it’s not as fun)!



Days 22 – 28 – Half Way

Days 22 – 28


We are now half way there. End of Week 4. As the days went up 22 – 28 I thought my nerves would start to kick in … but you know what, as I learn more, become fitter, start to understand more, I am feeling more and more happy to step into that ring. […]

Days 15-21

Days 15-21 of the White Collar Boxing Training


Days 15-21 I took the opportunity to ease off a bit and have some rest days, which are vital for the body to recover and repair and prevent injuries.

I took a couple of days off on the Monday and Tuesday and went back at it on the Wednesday.


Days 8-14

Days 8 – 14 of the Boxing Training! Sorry that this one is a bit late, you will see why soon! So week 2 begun with high intensity and finished exactly the same! I have learned a lot more sparring skills and I really hope that I can transfer that into my training and be Read more about Days 8-14[…]

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