Days 1-7

Days 1-7 – An Update


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12109043_10208287602731360_7053076584093333938_nSo officially day 1 was Monday 19th. We had a meeting and welcomed everyone and blah blah blah.


But to me day 1 was Wednesday, where we actually got into the boxing gym properly and had a fitness beasting.

Some vomited, we all sweated. Seeing Denzil Lawrence the boxing coach walk around during sit ups and punching people in the stomach was an early introduction into the hell we will face over the next 8 weeks!


Run in Dark Cardiff

Run In The Dark Cardiff

Run In The Dark Cardiff WEDNESDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 2015 8:00 PM   Achieving Fitness LTD are proud to be hosting the pop up event for Run In The Dark in Cardiff. 5k and 10k routes available.   WHAT and WHY?! As darkness descends around the globe on November 11th, thousands of people will put on their Read more about Run In The Dark Cardiff[…]

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