Courgetty Spagetti!

Courgetty Spagetti

Last night I made some courgette spagetti. Courgetty Spagetti is a really easy thing to make. courgette

Replacing pasta with a vegetable alternative can yield so many benefits and I want to just show you how you can make a massive change to your calorie intake (reducing it) but increase the amount of nutrients that you put into your body by ditching the processes foods and using vegetables instead.

This has caught on with slimming world, weight watchers and many diet companies and you will see it all over instagram.

I was introduced to this weird concept by Sarah at Clean Food Queen and I highly recommend you look at her stuff because she is a genius when it comes to combining foods together that are clean, healthy and nutrition and things I would never ever think about combining, but somehow work.

Take a look at her site here.

Anyway enough about her this is all about me.



Sprint Training for FAT Loss

Sprint Training

I was having a chat with a bootcamper last night when we were doing our sprint training sessions and they asked me a question.


What works best for FAT loss?

They first told me that their mate who is a long distance runner had lost LOADS of weight by running day in day out for months.

They said so isn’t it better for us to run long distance to lose fat…

So while we were doing our sprints for FAT loss they wanted to ask me would it be better to run longer, with less intensity and spend hours instead of short sharp minutes at a time, surely we need to burn loads of calories to lose the fat? That makes sense right? Well…



Fitness Motviation

Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation

We have all done it.

Planned to hit the gym. Planned to start a diet on Monday.

Promised ourselves that we will do certain exercises.

Then missed the session. Told ourselves next Monday…..

Or started it and then jumped in the sauna half way through a session.

This is all down to a lack of fitness motivation.

So today I will describe an approach that has been very succesful with clients and has been a proven strategy to keep people motivated.


Pen Y Fan Fundraising

Pen Y Fan Fundraising On September 5th I took a group of 14 up to Pen Y Fan to raise money for Brecon Mountain Rescue Team and the Welsh Air Ambulance. Pen Y Fan Fundraising is a good way to raise money and keep people active so it is something we as a company will Read more about Pen Y Fan Fundraising[…]

How do I get abs?

How do I get abs?

Last night after a bootcamp I got asked the question: what exercises should I do to flatten my stomache?!

My answer was pretty simple. In fact it was one word.

But before I give you the magic answer hear me out.

Sit ups ARE SHIT. There I said it. STOP DOING THEM TO GET ABS. It won’t happen by doing sit ups. You can do so many other excersises that will be more beneficial to your core. I discuss that right at the bottom of the article, but before then let us give you the magic answer that you want and need to get abs….


Pills wraps and shakes

I love a good rant on a Wednesday!

Today is all about FAD diets with pills, wraps and shakes!FullSizeRender

Here we go…

This week more than ever as a personal trainer I have been contacted so much from people trying to get me to partake in their crazy pyramid schemes to sell on their shakes, pills and wraps.

IT IS GETTING ANNOYING! Infact please if you are reading this then please realise that I have had a good education in nutrition. I DO NOT do this job to make money. I do this job because I genuinely care about people. I care about health.


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