Motivation – It isn’t easy! Something that gets asked A LOT is how do you motivate yourself? How do you make yourself wake up at 5 instead of 7 to get a gym session in? How do you force yourself to eat a carrot stick instead of a cookie? How can you avoid going out Read more about Motivation[…]

training with achieving fitnesss

eating more important than exercise?

Another news report that will probably confuse others….  What the article is saying: Basically the report is saying that you don’t have to exercise in order to lose weight, you can lose weight by diet alone. It also mentions that the food industry are using clever tactics to confuse people into thinking that they can Read more about eating more important than exercise?[…]

Diet pills

Yesterday while returning from a hike up Snowdon I heard an extremely shocking news report. A young lady, Eloise Aimee Parry, who was only 21 had died on the 12 of April 2015 from taking diet pills that caused her metabolism to rise so high that her body was not only burning body fat, but was Read more about Diet pills[…]

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