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Personal Training

We offer a range of Personal Training options to give you the best results. Are you looking to lose weight, get toned and generally feel happier about yourself? Find out more here.

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Fitness Classes | Bootcamp

We have a range of fitness classes in multiple locations. Come and work with our team and have fun while getting fit!

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Cardiff Sports Massage

Our professional sports massage service can relieve those muscle aches and pains and get you back to training in no time! Visit the treatment room at Channel View Leisure Centre.

Go to Lifestyle and Health Assessment

Lifestyle and Health Assessment

The lifestyle and health assessment is an assessment that focuses on lifestyle factors that may be a contributing factor in common health issues.

Go to Personal Training School

Personal Training School

The PT School offers a range of fitness industry courses in Cardiff. We train people to get into the industry as well as those wanting to progress their career and offer more, such as Sports Massage.

Go to Running Events

Running Events

Light up Events offers a variety of fun and unique runs. We pride ourselves in being different! From running in the dark, to dressing as spider man we have the run for you!

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Personal Training in Cardiff
The leading fitness company in Cardiff

Achieving Fitness Limited is more than a chicken and broccoli eating, vest wearing personal trainer. We believe in real attainable results and focus on having fun and making realistic life style changes that will lead to your goal. We refuse to join the shake and supplement sellers out there to provide you with a false result that will only be lost once you return to your normal routine. We strive to provide REAL change, following proven methods to get you in shape. We run the PT School and are tutors in the industry, so we know what we are talking about. Trust us in your journey to fitness today!


Meet the team behind Achieving Fitness Limited

Thea Howells

Office Manager
Thea started her fitness coaching in sports training children in football. She thoroughly enjoys training bootcamps and training a wide range of clients as a personal trainer. Her fun approach to training separates her from the “serious” and “strict” personal trainers. Thea also provides sports massage therapy.


Pauls weight loss journey started his career in the fitness industry. He has coached teams at national level in rowing for the Navy, and trained semi professional rugby players. Paul loves sports coaching but equally enjoys training weight loss clients.

Take the first step to achieving your fitness goal today

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